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Speck trentino uncut piece or sliced

Smoked ham made with pork legs selected for the fatty parts, weight and quality of meat, unboned and cut with the typical shape of speck (called baffa), dry-cured with the addition of salt, sugars, spices, natural flavours, sodium ascorbate, E250, E252. After about a month of curing, the speck is smoked with natural smoke of non-resinous woods, and maturation continues in special cells, it is then groomed and offered to eat in a whole piece or sliced. When cut, the speck is compact, dark red on the lean part and white on the fat part, with the smell of smoked products and that distinguishing smoked saltpetre flavour. Available in these sizes: whole vacuum-packed 4/5 kg product or in a half and slices from around 0.55 kg.   MICROBIOLOGICAL FEATURES AND REFERENCE CENTESIMAL VALUES Absence of pathogenic microorganisms, does not contain allergens indicated in Directive 2003/89 EC. Moisture 58% on T.Q. - Lipids 11% on T.Q. - Protein 20% on T.Q. - Ash 5% on T.Q. - Carbohydrates 1%- Sodium chloride <6 % - pH 6 - Aw <0.92 - Calories per 100g: 183 Kcal - 764 kJ. STORE AT A TEMPERATURE OF <15°C, BUT EAT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE TO ENJOY THE FLAVOUR AND AROMAS. SHELF LIFE: 90 DAYS FOR SLICES, 180 DAYS FOR THE WHOLE PIECE.