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Smoked bacon, whole piece

Raw cold cut made from pork bellies carefully chosen, trimmed, and squared. The curing and smoking take place on the product’s natural base, the rind. Seasoning is made with salt, spices, sugar, natural flavours, sodium ascorbate, E252, E250. Maturing is short; the cold cut is hung onto hooks and exposed to the natural smoke of non-resinous wood. The product has a parallelepiped shape, with a thickness of 4/5 cm and sides of 22-50 cm and weight varying between 4 and 4.5 kg. It is characterised by a pleasant scent, typical of smoked products, the strong taste of a smoked and saltpetre product, the bright red colour of the lean part alternated with the milk white part. Available in sizes: unpacked whole bacon 4/4.5 kg.