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Seasoned coppa

Raw sausage of excellence obtained from the pork neck, carefully selected and trimmed, subjected to curing and seasoning in refrigerated rooms for the duration of 12 days. The seasoning recipe is based on salt, sugar, pepper, natural flavours, ascorbic acid, E252, E250. The product, after curing, is washed, thoroughly dried, trimmed, stuffed into natural casings and tied by hand, and then curing begins that takes place for over five months in a well-ventilated ambience. The shape is cylindrical with convex bases, it is characterised by its typical appealing fragrance and for the marbled look with a clear contrast between the bright red colour of the lean part, which is preponderant, and the milk white colour of the fat that assures the softness of the slice at the end of maturing. It has a delicate and aromatic smell, a strong, pleasant and appetising flavour. The average sizes are diameter 9/10 cm, length 20/30 cm for an average weight of 2/3 kg. Absence of pathogenic microorganisms, it does not contain any allergens pursuant to the 2003/89 EC Directive. Moisture 36% on T.Q. - Lipids 22% on T.Q. - Protein 33% on T.Q. - Ash 4% on T.Q. - Carbohydrates 1.5% - Aw 0,890 - Sodium Chloride 4.5% - Calories per 100g: 336 Kcal - 1400 kJ. Available in the sizes: whole unpacked piece 2/3 kg - a vacuum packed slice from 0.700/1 kg.