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Salsiccia (sausage)

Salsiccia, sausage, is produced with fine cuts of the pig’s lean parts: the shoulder, capocollo, ham trimmings and fat that are naturally present in the above mentioned meat cuts. The meat is minced with a Number 6 mould and gives origin to a mix that is seasoned with salt, spices, sugars, flavourings, ascorbic acid, E252. It is traditionally filled into a natural casing with a varying diameter and takes the shape of a horseshoe folded once or twice, but it is sold also in smaller pieces.  The product is red, with an intense and almost sweet flavour. Absence of pathogenic microorganisms, does not contain allergens described in the Directive 2003/89 EC. - Moisture 59% on T.Q.- Lipids 19% on T.Q.- Ash 2% on T.Q.- Carbohydrates 1% - Sodium chloride 1.5% - Energy value for 100 g: Kcal 247 - 1026 kJ Availability: in divided 1 kg visible pieces or vacuum packed - vacuum packed mix of around 1 kg. Shelf life: 20 days