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Rolled bacon with rind

This bacon is the raw sausage of excellence, made from pork bellies, carefully chosen and trimmed to the size suited for rolling, that allows the seasoning and storing in its natural casing, the rind. Curing with salt-based seasoning, spices, flavourings, E250, takes 10 days. Then they are washed, dried carefully and hand-tied with string to be seasoned in well-ventilated rooms. The product has a cylindrical shape and a diameter of about 12.5/15 cm and a length of 30/40 cm, for a weight varying between 4 and 6 kg, it is characterised by the delicate, aromatic, pleasant and appetising fragrance, and for the obvious contrast between the bright red colour of the lean part and the milk white of the fat that ensures the softness of the slice after maturing. Available in sizes: 4/6 kg for the unpacked whole bacon - in a vacuum packed slice from 1/1.5 kg