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Prosciutto sgambato

A high thigh cold ham made from pork legs, selected and the bone support is removed before curing and maturing, it is dietetic but tasty. Curing is made with salt, aromas, E250, E252, rest and maturing, follow the careful selection of the thighs. This procedure allows obtaining a product that at the end of the process, which lasts from four to seven months, has a weight of 5/7 kg; when cut, the slice is compact with an intense pink colour the product has a typical aroma and a delicate and very pleasant taste. Available in sizes: whole, or in pieces consisting in 2/4 vacuum-packed slices MICROBIOLOGICAL FEATURES AND AVERAGE REFERENCE VALUES Absence of pathogenic microorganisms, it does not contain allergens described in the Directive 2003/89 EC. Moisture 58% on T.Q - Lipids 12% on T.Q. - Protein 19% on T.Q - Ash 5 % on T.Q - Carbohydrates 1 % - Sodium chloride <6 % - pH 6 - Proteolysis 27/28 g - Aw <0.92 - Energy value for 100 g; kcal 209 - 972 kjoule. KEEP COOL - SHELF LIFE 180 DAYS