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Parma ham without the bone and sliced

The ham branded 'Prosciutto di Parma' is a Protected Origin Denomination product in accordance with Law 26 dated 13/02/90 and the EC Regulation 1107/96; the pragmatism that distinguishes the product specification is a guarantee for quality and product safety. The excellence of Parma Ham is guaranteed by the skilled breeders, able to provide unparalleled quality animals in Europe; slaughterers and curing masters of unparalleled professionalism and with specific culture; a curing territory blessed by nature for the climate, unique of its kind. The Tyrrhenian Sea air easily reaches and goes beyond the Apennines in this area, reaching the Po Valley, creating a microclimate that characterises the Parma Ham production area with that distinguishing sweetness for the pleasure of the palate owed to the parsimony used for the salt. Available in these sizes: uncut vacuum packed ham or in thin slices or ¾ sliced pieces. Guaranteed maturing period: 13 months