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Pancetta tesa

This bacon is the raw sausage of excellence, made from pork bellies, carefully chosen and trimmed and squared; the curing and preservation take place on a natural base, the rind. Seasoning is done with salt, spices and herbs; curing is short, with the salami hanging on hooks, for a duration of 20 days. The product has a rectangular shape with a thickness of 5/7 cm and sides of 35-55 cm, a weight varying between 3.5 and 4.5 kg, it is characterised by the delicate and aromatic scent and for the evident contrast between the bright red colour on the lean part and the milk white colour of the fat; it has a strong, pleasant and appetising taste. Available in the sizes: uncut and unpacked bacon 3.5/4.5 kg – a vacuum packed slice from 1.5/2