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Napoli spicy salami

This salami is produced with fine cuts of lean parts of the pig: the neck, shoulder, rump, chopped sirloin and bacon fat, bacon and a fatty top layer, carefully selected. The meat, minced with No. 6 mould creates a mix, fine enough for the components to be distinguished of which the milk white stands out indicating the high quality of the minor fraction of fat. It is then seasoned with salt, sugar, spices, hot chili, paprika, ascorbic acid, E252. The diameter, at the end of seasoning, is around 5.5 and 6 cm, with a length of 37 cm. The colour is bright red with a preponderant lean part; the aroma is intense, typical of the product; the texture is compact but not elastic, the flavour is spicy, very tasty and without any hint of acidity. It does not contain allergens indicated by the Directive 2003/89 EC. Absence of pathogenic microorganisms and a high content of lactic acid probiotic microorganisms typical of natural maturing. Moisture 39% to 27% on T.Q – Lipids 27% -Proteins 25% on T.Q. - Ash 5% on T.Q. - Carbohydrates 1% Available in these sizes: unpacked 1 kg or a vacuum packed slice of around 0.500 kg.