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Milan Sausage

This sausage is made with lean cuts of pork: shoulder, neck, ham trimming and cover fat carefully selected. The meat, minced with a 3/4 number mould, gives origin to a very fine mixture, typical of this cold cut. It is seasoned with salt, sugar, milk proteins, spices and flavours, ascorbic acid, E252, E250. The diameter of the product at the end of the seasoning is 7.5/8.5 cm, for a length of 46/48 cm. It has a uniform red-ruby colour, with milk white coloured fat grains that are well distributed; the slices are compact and homogenous, made of uniform sized particles with the rice grain characteristic look; it has a delicate aroma which is typical of the product, a sweet, delicate and never acidic taste. It contains milk proteins and milk-based products including lactose, it does not contain other allergens described by Directive 2003/89 EC. Available in the sizes: whole unpacked kg 2.500/3.500 piece or in a half vacuum pack of around kg. 0.500.