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Matured loin, a raw sausage of excellence, obtained from pork loin without the bone part, the so-called filone, carefully selected and carefully trimmed; it is then cured and seasoned in refrigerated rooms for the duration of 7 days. The seasoning recipe is based on salt, sugar, pepper, natural flavourings. The product, after dry-curing, is washed, thoroughly dried, trimmed and bagged in a synthetic casing, and then matured in well-ventilated and ventilated ambiences for a period of over five months. With an elongated cylindrical form, it is characterised by a typical pleasant fragrance and compact appearance, a bright red colour on the lean part, which is predominant, and milk white on the very few fatty parts. The texture is firm, easy to cut, with a slightly sweet pleasant flavour. The average dimensions are diameter of 4.5 cm/8, length of 34/40 cm, for an average weight of 4.5/5. Absence of pathogenic microorganisms, it does not contain any allergens pursuant to the 2003/89 EC Directive. Moisture 42% on T.Q. - Lipids 11% on T.Q. - Protein 37% on T.Q. - Ash 6% on T.Q. - Carbohydrates 1.5% - Sodium chloride 3.5% - Calories per 100g: 253 Kcal - 1061 kJ. Available in sizes: uncut in a vacuum pack of kg 4.5/5 – slice from 0,500 kg/1.