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Garlic sausage

This sausage is made with lean cuts of pork: shoulder, ham trimming and cover fat carefully selected. The meat, minced with a 6/8 number mould gives origin to a medium-large mix that allows identifying the mixture components. The product is seasoned with salt, sugars, milk protein, spices and flavours, ascorbic acid, E252. The diameter at the end of seasoning is between 5/5.5 cm, for a length of 36/37 cm. It has a ruby-red colour with a clear preponderance of the lean portion, pepper is present whole or just crushed, a typical strong aroma of garlic products, firm but not elastic texture, very appetising with a sweet taste, no hint of acidity. Contains milk proteins and milk-based products including lactose, it does not contain other allergens described in Directive 2003/89 EC. Available in the sizes: whole unpacked kg 1 or a vacuum pack of around kg. 0.500.