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Fabriano Sausage

This salami is produced with fine cuts of lean parts of pork: neck, ham trimming and carefully selected lard for lardons. The meat, minced with a 4/5 number mould gives origin to a fine mix to which well washed and dried medium-small pieced lardons are added; it is seasoned with salt, sugar, flavourings, ascorbic acid, E252. The diameter, at the end of maturation, is between 4.5 and 5 cm, for a length of 30/45 cm. The colour is ruby red with well-evident lardons, the aroma is delicate and slightly spicy, the texture is firm but not elastic, the flavour is slightly spicy. It does not contain allergens included in the Directive 2003/89 EC. Available in the sizes: whole unpacked kg 0.800/0.900 piece or in a vacuum pack of around kg. 0.500.