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Dried sausage of Romagna

A cold cut product consisting of mainly lean meat pork, chilled in a thin layer, minced with 6 mm moulds, stuffed into natural casings and subjected to short maturing time; seasoned with salt, sugar, spices, flavourings, ascorbic acid, E252. The product is placed into a natural casing, the diameter at the end of the seasoning product is between 3.6/3.8 cm for a length of 32/34 cm, folded in a horseshoe shape. It has ruby red colour with a clear preponderance of the lean portion, a delicate flavour, firm but not elastic texture, a sweet taste and distinct appetising taste, no hint of acidity. It does not contain allergens described in Directive 2003/89 EC. Available in sizes: whole unpacked kg. 0.600 kg or a vacuum slice of around kg 0.500.

MICROBIOLOGICAL FEATURES AND AVERAGE CENTESIMAL VALUES OF REFERENCE Absence of pathogenic micro-organisms and high content of lactic acid probiotic microorganisms typical of natural maturing. Humidity 40% on T.Q. – Lipids 28% on T.Q. - Proteins 24% on T.Q. - Ash 5% on T.Q. – Carbohydrates 1% Sodium chloride 2.5% - Energy value for 100 g: Kcal 352 - Kj 1461. STORE COOL IF WHOLE, BETWEEN 0 AND 4° IF VACUUM PACKED, MA EAT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE TO APPRECIATE TASTE AND AROMAS. SHELF LIFE 100 DAYS.