A charcuterie product consisting of a mixture of pork, minced in a No. 7 mould, and rind that is minced in a No. 5 mould with the addition of seasoning consisting in: salt, sugar, spices, flavours, ascorbic acid, E252, E250.  The mix is then filled into a natural casing and dried on a stove with a hot air flow. The cotechino is also available cooked, packaged in food bags and baked in an autoclave with a temperature and for the time necessary to guarantee product stability. The finished product is red, with a typical taste. Absence of pathogenic microorganisms, does not contain allergens covered by Directive 2003/89 EC. Moisture 51% at the TQ-Protein 19% on TQ-Ash 3% on TQ-Carbohydrates 1% - Sodium Chloride <6% - Calories for 100g: Kcal 269 - kJ 1117. Available: unpacked raw or vacuum packed, shelf life: 60 days - cooked in aluminium or canned, shelf life: 540 days