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Cooked pork shank

A charcuterie product obtained by baking pork shank in an autoclave, packaged in bags and seasoned with salt, spices and flavourings, E250. The product is stabilised, has the aromas and scents typical of cooked pork, with a delicately strong taste and is very satisfying to the palate. Absence of pathogenic microorganisms, does not contain allergens specified in the Directive 2003/89 CE. - Moisture 62% on TQ- Lipids 8% on TQ - Protein 20% on TQ - Ash 5% on TQ - Carbohydrates 1% Sodium chloride <4 % - Calories for 100g: Kcal 156- kJ 653. Available in aluminium or box - shelf life of 540 days