Raw sausage made from a beef thigh muscle and precisely from the most valuable part of the rump, carefully chosen and carefully trimmed to remove the fat, then it is cured and seasoned in refrigerating rooms. The seasoning recipe is based on salt, sugar, pepper and other natural flavours, E251, E250. The product, after dry-curing, is stuffed into a natural casing and is then ready for maturing that takes place in well-ventilated and ventilated areas for over two months. It has a cylindrical shape and is characterised by the typical pleasant, delicate, slightly aromatic fragrance. The colour is deep red, the texture is firm, the taste is delicately flavoured and almost sweet. The average dimensions are a diameter of cm 9.5/10.5, a length of 15/17 cm for an average weight of 1.5/2 kg. Absence of pathogenic microorganisms, low value of ubiquitous microorganisms. Moisture 55% on T.Q. - Lipids 6% on T.Q. - Protein 30% on T.Q. - Ash 5% on T.Q. - Carbohydrates 1.5% - 3.5% Sodium chloride - Calories for 100g: 220 Kcal - 757 kJ. Available in sizes: vacuum packed from 1.5 kg/2 and sliced from around 0.500 kg. STORE IN A COOL PLACE IF UNCUT AND FROM 0° TO 4°C IF VACUUM PACKED. EAT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE TO APPRECIATE THE TASTE AND AROMAS. SHELF LIFE: 90 DAYS FOR THE BRESAOLA, 120 DAYS FOR THE COPPA AND LOIN.